DeFi Spotlight Quarterly

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Latest report: 31 May 2022
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This quarterly publication will look at the key trends, metrics, and the overall health of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. The highlights from this quarter's report are as follows:

  • Total Value Locked (TVL) on Ethereum decreased 16% to $125 billion, mostly due to a fall in token prices rather than withdrawals.
  • There were approximately 400,000 new users onboarded (500,000 in Q1 2021).
  • Ethereum generated $2.5 billion in fees (up 45% from $1.7 billion in Q1 2021).
  • Total debt outstanding stood at $9.5 billion (up 34% from $7.1 billion in Q1 2021).
  • Bridges are becoming an important component of the blockchain ecosystem.

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Previous reports to be added on a quarterly basis.