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CoinShares Perspectives has been remodeled into a monthly newsletter made up of detailed insights and research, data summarising the month, key takeaways, and predictions for the month to come not only at CoinShares, but also the market as a whole.

In this month’s edition, Our CSO, Meltem Demirors, kicks off with an insightful look back on this month along with thoughts on what the future may have in store. To follow, each side of the CoinShares business has submitted a birds-eye-view snapshot of what the team has analyzed, surmised, executed on, and accomplished through data and research.

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Crypto moves quickly. If you'd like to catch up on prior versions, you can find them below.

Vol 4: Week of 19 October 2020 | We highlight the growing trend of bitcoin in public company treasuries, a potential CME Ether futures and options launch, observations of who is actually buying bitcoin these days, the growing financialization of compute and connectivity.

Vol 3: Week of 5 October 2020 | We discuss Europe's move towards a unified compliance approach, bitcoin markets trending towards "boring" for once, and the potential impact of the US election on the crypto landscape.

Vol 2: Week of 21 September 2020 | We cover negative interest rates, central bank digital currencies, and what's happening with DeFi and crypto credit markets.