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Each Certificate purchased by an investor creates an obligation to pay that investor an amount based on performance of the relevant digital currency less the relevant fee. To ensure this obligation can be met, the relevant digital currency is held in either physical or synthetic form.

To provide additional transparency over the digital assets held to hedge the XBT Provider ETPs issued and outstanding, we have engaged Armanino LLP (a top 25 audit, accounting and business consulting firm) to independently perform agreed-upon procedures under the AICPA's Attestation Standards. Armanino monitors total client obligation in relation to the Certificates in issue, and the total holdings of the digital currency used to meet this obligation (split between physical and synthetic). The procedures are performed at intervals of 30 minutes, with the results available for download immediately.

Investors can view and download these results on Armanino’s website by clicking here.

Note, this link will open a new tab in your browser.

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