Bitcoin & ESG Conference

28 September 2021

CoinShares is excited to announce our Bitcoin & ESG Conference

Investment professionals are beginning to analyse digital asset investments as much as any other asset in their portfolio. So, we’ve designed a half-day virtual event (Sept. 28) where experts will come together to explore how investors might apply ESG considerations to decentralized networks, digital assets and Bitcoin in particular.

28th September - 9am EST / 2pm BST / 3pm CET

Keynote Speakers

Nic Carter

Partner, Castle Island Ventures

Nic is a general partner at Castle Island Ventures, a Cambridge, MA-based venture firm investing in startups in the public blockchain industry, and the cofounder of Coin Metrics, a blockchain analytics firm.

Buck Perley

Senior Software Engineer, Unchained Capital

Buck is an Austin based full stack software engineer, proficient in business Mandarin. Most recently, Buck has been developing with modern web technologies such as React/Redux, AngularJs, D3, Node/Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and SASS.

Alex Gladstein

Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation

Alex Gladstein is Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. He also serves as an advisor to Blockchain Capital, a leading venture firm in the fintech industry. He frequently speaks and writes about why Bitcoin matters for freedom, and co-authored "The Little Bitcoin Book" in 2019.

Topics covered

Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact

  • How do we understand Bitcoin’s carbon footprint and what drives it?
  • What factors drive Bitcoin’s resource & local environmental impact?
  • What opportunities does Bitcoin create for more environmentally friendly resource use?

Bitcoin Network & Societal Impacts

  • How does Bitcoin impact the human capital in its ecosystem?
  • What social opportunities does Bitcoin create, where and how?

Governance in Decentralized Networks

  • Who participates in Bitcoin and are their incentives aligned with coin holders?
  • How do we assess whether a decentralized network will be governed well?
  • How do we understand the risks in decentralized networks?
  • What ethical norms exist or govern behaviour in Bitcoin

Questions? Feel free to contact us.