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L’indice CoinShares Blockchain Global Equity (indice BLOCK) vise à suivre les résultats d’investissement de la performance des sociétés cotées qui participent à l’écosystème de la blockchain ou des crypto-monnaies.

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The CoinShares Blockchain Global Equity Index (BLOCK Index) aims to offer exposure to listed companies that participate or have the potential to participate in the blockchain or cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The index aims to capture the potential investment upside generated by earnings related to the adoption of blockchain technologies or cryptocurrency.

When a stock is selected to become a constituent of the CoinShares Blockchain Global Equity Index, they are also assessed according to a blockchain scoring methodology, which contemplates five parameters: Blockchain Earnings Significance, Blockchain Earnings Potential, Blockchain Development Stage, Blockchain Business Competitive Positioning and Blockchain Business Sustainability.

The assessment results in assigning each stock a Blockchain Category Score, which ranges from 1 (Potential) to 5 (Core). The index weight of each constituent is determined by the share of each individual company’s Blockchain Category Score in relation to the sum of the Blockchain Category Scores of all index members. The weight is then adjusted according to the company’s liquidity, which is calculated based on each constituent’s average daily trading volumes.

Index constituents are selected from a universe of publicly listed companies which have activities related to cryptocurrencies or participate in the blockchain ecosystem in one of the following areas: mining hardware, mining operations, energy, token investments, blockchain financial services, blockchain payment systems or blockchain technology solutions.

When potential constituents are identified, they undergo an assessment process which includes financial statement analysis, management interviews, competitive strengths, and valuation metrics.

Top Index Constituents
NameWeightQ2 2022 %
GMO Internet3.7%(2.7%)









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