News // 20th December 2017

XBT PROVIDER AB: Further Update With Regard To Distribution Of Bitcoin Cash Proceeds

STOCKHOLM, DECEMBER 22, 2017 - Further to its Press Release of 20th November, XBT Provider AB (Publ) (the "Issuer") wishes to HEREBY CONFIRM the final amounts payable to Certificate Holders.

Certificate holders who are entitled to distribution of proceeds in accordance with the terms outlined in the Issuer's previous Press Releases on this matter (which may be found here and here), are reminded that they may submit their application for a distribution via the dedicated portal:

This portal will remain accessible until midnight (GMT) on 19th February 2018. All claims must therefore be submitted before February 20th, 2018.

Distributions in respect of all approved applications will be released on Friday, 9th March 2018.

Distribution amounts are declared in US Dollars (USD) but will be paid in SEK or EUR as appropriate using the rate prevailing at the time of the distribution.

Certificate Name || ISIN || Distribution (USD per Certificate)

Bitcoin Tracker ONE || SE0007126024 || 1.56

Bitcoin Tracker EURO || SE0007525332 || 15.56

For further information regarding eligibility and documents needed for an application, and for any additional questions or inquiries, please refer to the dedicated portal:

ABOUT THE ISSUER XBT Provider AB (Publ), a CoinShares company, is the Swedish-domiciled issuer of Bitcoin Tracker One and Bitcoin Tracker Euro (COINXBT:SS, COINXBE:SS, respectively) and Ether Tracker One and Ether Tracker Euro (COINETH:SS and COINETHE:SS). These trackers are designed to mirror the return of the underlying asset, bitcoin and ether (in Swedish Kronor and Euro, respectively). In 2015, Bitcoin Tracker One became the first bitcoin-referenced security available on a regulated exchange when it listed on NASDAQ in Stockholm. In 2017, Ether Tracker One became the first ether-referenced security available on a regulated exchange when it listed on NASDAQ in Stockholm. All four certificates are available in 179 countries and are traded in the same manner as any other share or instrument listed on the Nasdaq exchange in Stockholm. The Issuer's Prospectus is approved by the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen) and its products are listed on Nasdaq Nordic in Stockholm. XBT Provider AB (Publ) is not a licensed financial advisor. The views presented in this release are the opinions of the Board of XBT Provider AB (Publ) and no other party. Bitcoin and ether are volatile assets and their prices (and the price of securities that are referenced to them) can move quickly. Prospective investors in the Issuer's certificates should carefully consider the suitability of such an investment and, in connection with such a determination, should carefully read the Issuer's latest Prospectus (including, in particular, the risk warnings set out therein). For More Information regarding XBT Provider, contact us at: XBT Provider AB (Publ) [email protected] or visit our website at:

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