News // 6th August 2020

Ethereum 2.0 Update

We continue to closely monitor the developments in the Ethereum protocol.  We have received a number of investor inquiries as to our policy with respect to ETH. 2.0.

While we are as excited as anyone to watch the protocol develop, we note there is very little beyond informal roadmaps, developer interviews and various online commentary with respect to the final structure and timing of ETH. 2.0.

Furthermore, there is no Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) with a clear methodology. This is the formal mechanism by which code changes are proposed for the open source Ethereum protocol. Each Ethereum update contains one or more EIPs.  Anyone can propose an EIP, but they are often written by development teams. After being proposed, it then proceeds through a community vetting, debate and voting process before potentially making it into an upgrade package with a set activation date.

Therefore, until there are EIPs, with specific upgrades and set activation times in place, we unfortunately cannot develop, nor publicly comment on, any detailed future ETH product plans. 

 Any updates will be communicated to our investors via the website’s news section.

/The XBT Provider Team

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