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CoinShares Equally Weighted Crypto Index (CECI)

The CoinShares Equally Weighted Crypto Index (CECI) has been designed to provide a diversified exposure to the 5 most liquid cryptoassets.

Market Performance

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1. Be comprised of a small number of liquid, investable constituent assets

2. Exhibit a relatively stable composition in terms of constituents with asset weights that do not vary dramatically between rebalancing periods, leading to low turnover

3. Be specified in a clear and unambiguous manner to facilitate validation and reproducibility

4. Hold constituent assets on a long basis only

5. Not make use of leverage

To learn more about the Index Methodology, download the Methodology document.



A monthly rebalancing frequency is employed. Index constituents are calculated and announced three business days prior to the end of the running month. The rebalancing is employed on the first business day of the following month.


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Our expert index team delivers expert research, market insights, and in-depth understanding from some of our industry leaders.

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Katerina Koutsouri

Quantitative Strategies
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James Butterfill

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Max Shannon

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